The Democratic Governors Association is out with a new TV ad today that charges Gov. Scott Walker cut school funding and passed up money to lower health care costs because he was doing what his donors wanted rather than “looking out for you.”

The DGA said the ad, through its A Stronger Wisconsin arm, is running statewide and is part of an eight-figure buy.

The ad opens with the narrator saying people want governors to fix the things “you worry about that affect your family everyday.”

A car drives over a pothole and then the narrator adds Walker cut schools by $800 million, turned down $1 billion that could’ve lowered health care costs and “authorized a lawsuit letting insurance companies drop you for pre-existing conditions.” Walker “was doing what his donors wanted him to do instead of looking out for you,” the narrator says.

The narrator then closes the spot, “That’s the real Scott Walker, and he’s sure not changing now.”

The screen reads, “Tell Scott Walker. Stand up. For us.”

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