The Republican Attorneys General Association is running a new TV ad that charges Dem AG nominee Josh Kaul cut deals with “kingpins and dealers” that worsened the drug problem.

The group said the ad will run on broadcast TV across the state other than the Madison media market. It is part of the group’s overall $2.5 million buy in the Wisconsin race through its Wisconsin Freedom PAC.

The ad opens with the narrator saying Wisconsin faces an opioid crisis and meth is “more accessible than ever.”

The narrator then says Kaul, a former federal prosecutor in Maryland, “spent years in east coast courtrooms cutting deals with kingpins and dealers, reducing sentences, even for repeat offenders, allowing one to get back on the streets and peddle even more heroin and dangerous drugs.”

The ad shows a revolving door with drugs going in and out as the narrator says Kaul’s deal worsened the problem.

“So why would we trust Josh Kaul as attorney general?” the narrator says to close the spot. “That’s one Kaul Wisconsin can’t take.”

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