The Republican Governors Association is up with a new TV ad that charges Dem guv nominee Tony Evers didn’t do his job as state superintendent and doesn’t deserve a promotion.

The spot is through a new group the RGA registered with the state earlier this month. ACC Wisconsin PAC reported this week spending $1.5 million on a TV buy with another $341,725 on online ads and consulting fees.

The ad features Barb Scherrer, of Burlington, who says she’s “been around for a long time and I’ve learned some things along the way.”

That includes that people are held accountable for their failures, not rewarded, but “Tony Evers doesn’t get it.”

She adds Evers gave “raises and bonuses to his bureaucrats” as a line appears on the screen, “$400,000 in taxpayer-funded raises and bonuses to bureaucrats.”

She then says Evers “wants a promotion for himself, even though Wisconsin kids are stuck in failing schools.” The screen shows a headline “108 failing publicly-finance schools.”

“Tony Evers didn’t do his job, and he doesn’t deserve a promotion,” she says to close the spot.

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