The super PAC backing GOP U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir is out with a new TV ad saying it’s time to defeat “radical Tammy Baldwin and her fanatical allies.”

The group said it’s putting more than $500,000 behind the spot.

The spot opens with footage from the 2011 protests at the state Capitol over Act 10 with the narrator saying mobs “stormed the capitol,” and tried to intimidate Vukmir and Republicans.

“And Tammy Baldwin led protesters to the capitol, where she voted for higher taxes,” the narrator says. Baldwin was in Congress at the time of the protests, but had served in the state Legislature before winning her House seat in 1998.

The narrator says “it’s happening again.”

“Liberal mobs are storming the U.S. Capitol, where Baldwin is still voting for higher taxes and more spending,” the narrator adds as the spot shows footage of Baldwin speaking to protesters in 2011.

The narrator concludes the spot, “We can’t let radical Tammy Baldwin and her fanatical allies win. It’s time to defeat them again.”

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