Gov. Scott Walker’s latest TV ad touts a new proposal to expand a tax credit that he says will help seniors stay in their homes.

The spot opens with a shot of a light blue house that has a “We Back the Badge” sign in a flower bed, leaning up against the home. Walker narrates, saying “they’ve lived in the house for 47 years,” describing the man as a former broadcast engineer and the woman as a former Red Cross employee.

The woman, identified by the campaign only as Sue, says their three kids live close by. And Ed adds “our four grandkids, too.”

“We’d love to stay in our house,” Sue says.

“But it’s not always easy on a fixed income,” Ed adds.

Walker then says property taxes are lower than they were eight years ago “thanks to our reforms.”

“And there’s more we can do to help,” he says, closing the spot. “Our plan creates a tax credit that’ll help seniors stay in their homes.”

The ad doesn’t provide details of the plan. But a policy paper from the Walker campaign shows he’s proposing a 50 percent increase in the Homestead credit for those 62 and older. According to the campaign, the maximum credit would increase to $1,752 from the current $1,168. Also, the maximum income that would be eligible would increase to $37,020 from the current $24,680.

In the 2017-19 budget, Republicans limited the credit to those 62 or older, those whose spouse is 62 or older, those with disabilities, and those with earned income, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. GOP lawmakers also indexed the maximum income threshold starting in tax year 2018.

It is Walker’s 24th ad of his re-election bid.

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