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NextGen aims to register 100,000 young voters during move-in and engage students on over 400 campuses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — This week, NextGen America will begin back to school efforts across 11 states — Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. As students arrive on campus, either for the first time as Freshmen or for the last time as Seniors, NextGen will be there to register them to vote and encourage them to get to the polls in November. Youth registration is already surging nationwide, and during move-in, NextGen America aims to register 100,000 young people to vote. NextGen will have 765 organizers on the ground and will engage young voters on 421 campuses across the country, including 135 community colleges and 14 HBCUs.

“Young voters, the largest eligible voting bloc in the country, are essential to propelling progressives to victory in 2018 and beyond,” said NextGen America President Tom Steyer. “The future of America is dependent on them coming together and turning out to vote, and that’s why NextGen America is running the largest youth vote program in history. In November, young people can take back the House and take a stand against the divisive policies of Donald Trump.”

For students already registered on campus, NextGen will ask 40,000 young voters to pledge to vote in November. In addition to its peer-to-peer organizing efforts, NextGen will spend $250,000 on campus advertising just during the first two weeks of school on each campus, reaching 1.5 million young voters and asking them to pledge to vote. Move-in adswill emphasize the power of young people as a voting block and run in print and on Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube.

On campuses across the country, NextGen will host events including concerts with local artists, tailgates at college football games, and petting zoos to engage as many young voters as possible. Students have already started to move-in at some schools, and this weekend, NextGen registered over 1,000 young voters at Arizona State University alone. NextGen is not alone in its effort to turn out young voters — state chapters of groups like Indivisible, For Our Future, Mi Familia Vota, and Planned Parenthood Advocates are joining NextGen’s efforts to help ensure that young voters are a driving force in this year’s midterms.

At $33 million, NextGen America is running the largest youth organizing effort in American history. We’ve been on the ground since 2017 — registering, engaging and mobilizing young people across 11 states to make their voices heard this November. As the largest eligible voting bloc, young people are the key to flipping Congress in November.

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