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Madison, WI — Today, NextGen America announced the details of its historic push to mobilize young voters in Wisconsin for the midterm elections. With an initial $2.5 million investment, NextGen will register, engage, and turnout young voters across Wisconsin, with a focus on flipping Paul Ryan’s seat in the 1st Congressional District, protecting the seat of Senator Tammy Baldwin, and removing Scott Walker from the governorship.

“Paul Ryan is the leader of a Republican Congress that has done nothing but peddle the racist and dangerous agenda of Donald Trump,” said President of NextGen America Tom Steyer. “He has caved at every turn in exchange for massive tax cuts for his wealthy donors on the backs of the working people he claims to represent. Ryan’s priorities have never included the betterment of working Wisconsinites or young people, and I have no doubt that in November the people of Wisconsin will send the ultimate message to Washington by voting him out.”

Ahead of November, NextGen will hire at least 53 organizers and engage young Wisconsinites on at least 35 campuses, including 4 community colleges across the state. NextGen Wisconsin will contact over 485,000 young voters through voter registration, peer-to-peer conversations, and a targeted digital and mail program.

With 19 paid staff on the ground to date, NextGen has been active in Wisconsin since fall 2017, organizing young voters to take action on DACA, protect affordable health care, and mobilize against the disastrous Republican tax plan. Over the last six weeks, NextGen’s organizers and volunteers have had conversations with over 3,000 young Wisconsinites about the issues that matter to them and their commitment to vote in 2018 for progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

“Time is running out for politicians like Scott Walker and Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. Young people are mobilizing across the state to vote out politicians who are more interested in courting billionaire donors and attacking the rights of school teachers than delivering real change for the people of this state,” said Wisconsin Youth Organizing Director George Olufosoye. “Young people want affordable healthcare, access to education, and a fair criminal justice system. Throughout their careers, Walker and Ryan have dismissed young people as a constituency not worthy of their time and representation, and this November, we’ll repay the favor by voting them out.”

NextGen’s work with young voters in Wisconsin is part of NextGen Rising — the largest youth organizing program in American history to register, engage, and mobilize young voters, on and off campuses, across ten states ahead on November 6th, 2018.

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