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Newly added districts reflect surging young voter enthusiasm and engagement in 2018

San FranciscoCA — Today, NextGen America announced the full, updated list of House races where it has an active organizing presence ahead of the 2018 midterms. The list includes five new districts in addition to the 35 Congressional House districts previously announced by NextGen. NextGen has been actively organizing and engaging young voters in several of the newly listed districts for months, as skyrocketing enthusiasm among young voters has highlighted the need to organize in additional districts. NextGen has been consistently on the ground ensuring that on November 6th, young people will have the tools to make their voices heard.

“All across the country, we’re seeing an unprecedented level of enthusiasm from young voters that has the potential to fundamentally reshape our political system and create a society that is more just and fair.” said NextGen America President Tom Steyer. “If we are going to deliver a more just, progressive future, it means being on the ground engaging those young voters everyday to make sure they know the power they have to make change happen on the issues they’re passionate about.”

The districts being added to NextGen’s already substantial list of districts being organized include:

  • Florida 15th (Lakeland, Brandon, I-4)

  • Florida 16th (Sarasota, Bradenton)

  • Florida 25th (Miami exurbs to Naples)

  • Wisconsin 6th (Oshkosh, Green Bay)

  • Pennsylvania 16th (Erie)

These districts are in addition to NextGen’s organizing efforts in 35 House Congressional Districts, as well as 8 governors races and 7 senate races in 11 states, where NextGen has registered over 200,000 young voters on over 420 campuses with an army of almost 6,000 active volunteers. NextGen has been engaging hundreds of thousands of voters through field work as well as digital and mail campaigns to empower young voters to shape American politics and bring progressive change to the issues they care about.

At $33 million, NextGen America is running the largest youth organizing effort in American history. NextGen has been on the ground since 2017 — registering, engaging and mobilizing young people across 11 states to make their voices heard this November. As the largest eligible voting bloc, young people are the key to flipping Congress and statehouses on Election Day.

The full list of target races being engaged by NextGen are as follows:

  • AZ Gov/Senate

  • AZ-01

  • AZ-02

  • AZ-09

  • CA-10

  • CA-21

  • CA-25

  • CA-39

  • CA-45

  • CA-48

  • CA-49

  • FL Gov/Senate

  • FL-07

  • FL-15

  • FL-16

  • FL-18

  • FL-25

  • FL-26

  • FL-27

  • IA Gov

  • IA-01

  • IA-03

  • MI Gov/Senate

  • MI-07

  • MI-08

  • MI-11

  • NV Gov/Senate

  • NV-03

  • NV-04

  • NH Gov

  • NH-01

  • NC-09

  • NC-13

  • PA Gov/Senate

  • PA-01

  • PA-05

  • PA-06

  • PA-07

  • PA-10

  • PA-16

  • PA-17

  • VA Senate

  • VA-02

  • VA-05

  • VA-07

  • VA-10

  • WI Gov/Senate

  • WI-01

  • WI-06

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