Thursday, November 8, 2018
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Today, both the Florida Governor race and Florida Senate race crossed the threshold to trigger an automatic recount effort. NextGen America staff are currently texting and calling voters to check their provisional ballots. In response, NextGen America released the following statement:

“NextGen America poured its heart and soul into ensuring the best candidate in the race, Andrew Gillum, was the Democratic nominee for Governor in Florida. Having Mayor Gillum in this race gave us an unprecedented opportunity to expand our democracy and bring young people and voters of color who were inspired by the Mayor’s historic campaign, and we couldn’t be more proud of those results. In the days leading up to November 6th, NextGen worked tirelessly to elect Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, and left it all on the field.

“Our work is not stopping now. With a recount going into effect, NextGen America is committed to ensuring that this process is fair, thorough, and democratic, and we are working with the Florida Democratic Party to guarantee that every last vote is counted and that every single Floridian who voted gets a say in Florida’s future.”