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On the 50th anniversary of the “Mountaintop Speech” and the assassination of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Tom Steyer issued the following statement:

“Today, we stand in solemn reverence of the man who, more than any President or politician, stands out as the moral voice of modern America. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed us that when ordinary people band together with the resolve to make the world righteous and decent, there is no force that can hold us down or silence the truth of justice.

“We must continue down the path that Dr. King forged and work towards the goal that he did not live to see completed: a just society with economic and political dignity for all people. We walk down that path when we demand a livable wage, the abolition of mass incarceration, workers’ rights, clean water and breathable air, and an economy based on the needs of people instead of the whims of a wealthy and privileged few. We strengthen our commitment today to reach the storied mountaintop that Dr. King spoke of on the eve of his assassination, and to harden our resolve to stand up for the rights and equality of all people.”

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