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“Tonight’s victories are the result of unwavering commitment to building the broadest possible democracy. Record turnout, and especially record youth turnout, shows the path to victory runs through bringing new and lapsed voters into the electoral process. When enough of us show up at the ballot box, justice and decency prevail.

“Tonight’s victories, like Gretchen Whitmer, Jared Polis and Lauren Underwood, show a path forward – we cannot be afraid of taking bold, principled positions, and we must speak plainly about the issues affecting the American people. Democrats must have the courage to tell the truth about the hostile corporate takeover of our democracy that has prevented us from solving those issues, and offer a new vision of the future based on a commitment to fundamental human dignity.

“It is time for a transformational approach to our politics. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to move our country forward and to win back the trust of Americans, and I am committed to holding those in power or seeking power accountable to do the same. Our path forward is clear: to tell the truth, to take a stand for democratic norms and the rule of law, and insist on justice for all Americans, above all else.”

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