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NextGen: Wisconsin pledges 47,910 young people to vote as early voting begin statewide
Organizers begin massive get out the vote operation across the state

Madison, WI — Ahead of the start of early voting statewide, NextGen Wisconsin organizers and volunteers have pledged 47,910 young people to vote this year. Research shows that having young people pledge to vote significantly increases their likelihood of casting a ballot. NextGen has been on the ground in Wisconsin since 2017, engaging young people face-to-face on the issues that matter most to them and stressing the importance of turning out to vote.

“Young people make up the largest eligible voting bloc in the country, and our team is going to ensure they turnout to vote in record-breaking numbers in this election,” said NextGen Wisconsin State Youth Director George Olufosoye. “From defending public education to enacting gun safety legislation, young people are ready to fight for change and elect progressive leaders, like Tony Evers and Tammy Baldwin, who stand with us on these issues.”

Since launching its youth organizing program in Wisconsin, NextGen has deployed more than 65 organizers and recruited 635 volunteers across 26 campuses and communities to politically empower young people. Through October 21, NextGen has knocked on 60,478 doors and made over 120 “class raps” to college classes to urge students to get out and vote for the candidates that best reflect their values.

In the last two weeks before Election Day, NextGen Wisconsin will be working nonstop to turn out young voters on campus, in their communities, and online. Since August, NextGen has spent over $400,000 on digital ads, like the Gubernatorial Voter Guide and “Show Up,” making sure young voters know what’s at stake this year and make their voices heard.

Voter turnout at UW-Madison surged over previous years in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election where the progressive candidate Rebecca Dallet decisively won. Organizers hope to replicate that result in the midterm election to elect progressive candidates like Tony Evers and Tammy Baldwin. Registration rates for voters aged 18-29 have significantly increased in Wisconsin over the last nine months, according to a TargetSmart analysis, presaging the increased impact young Wisconsinites may have on the upcoming midterm and presidential elections.

With an initial $2.5 million investment, NextGen Wisconsin is working to engage and mobilize young voters across the state to defeat Scott Walker, re-elect Tammy Baldwin, and flip the First and Sixth Congressional Districts. With over 65 staff and fellows already on the ground, NextGen is working to organize young voters in their communities and has already pledged over 47,000 young Wisconsinites to vote this year.

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