Nicholson campaign: Baldwin’s attack ad debunked

August 7, 2018 – (Delafield, WI) – Ronica Cleary, Communications Director for Marine veteran and political outsider Kevin Nicholson, issued the following statement regarding the false statements made in Tammy Baldwin’s recently released attack ad:

“In career politician Tammy Baldwin’s latest attack ad, she cites an article from the Associated Press to attack political outsider and combat veteran Kevin Nicholson. The false headline from the Associated Press highlighted in this ad is so egregious that even liberal-leaning Politifact gives the ad a ‘mostly false’ rating.

Baldwin’s ad makes it clear that she’s a tried and true member of the political class – a typical politician driving false statements to win votes. Voters should know that she is peddling lies to win votes because the truth will lead you to only one choice this November: Kevin Nicholson.”

Nicholson is a decorated Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works as a business consultant, helping companies solve their toughest problems. He is a first-time candidate running in the Republican primary to defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin. He and his wife live in Delafield with their three young children.