Delafield – Kevin Nicholson leads his opponent 28 percent to 19 percent in the latest findings from the Marquette University Law School Poll.

The independent poll which covered a range of topics, was conducted February 25th – March 1 and is the latest in a series of data points including two previous surveys that show Nicholson as the early leader in the primary field still with months to go before the August primary.

“Today’s release of the Marquette University Law poll showing Kevin Nicholson with a strong advantage in the primary is more evidence showing that he is the candidate to unite Republicans and beat Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin,” said Brandon Moody Nicholson’s spokesman. “Whether it’s the public endorsement by conservative leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, former Ambassador John Bolton and organizations like FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth, or the over 6,000 Wisconsin donors who have generously contributed to Kevin’s campaign, it is clear that conservative leaders and Wisconsin Republicans are coalescing around his outsider candidacy and want to Send in the Marine to fix Washington’s mess.”

“As a two-tour combat Marine veteran, Kevin Nicholson has taken on plenty of tough missions – and that is what uniquely positions him to defeat Tammy Baldwin this November and get to Washington to help Senator Ron Johnson and others advance the Trump agenda.”

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