July 9, 2018 – (Delafield, WI) – Marine veteran and political outsider Kevin Nicholson issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his next Supreme Court nominee:

“Now more than ever, conservatives see the importance of having Senators in Washington who will support President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Tammy Baldwin’s guaranteed obstruction of this nominee once again shows Wisconsin voters that she needs to go. As a conservative outsider I will help advance President Trump’s overall agenda, including advancement and approval of his nominees to the Court.
I won’t wilt under pressure, and I will push to advance the most conservative, qualified Constitutional jurists. That’s why two of the strongest Constitutional conservatives in the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, have already endorsed me in this Senate race – because they know that I will reliably support candidates for the Supreme Court who are Originalists, and who understand that our Constitution is fundamentally a pro-life document.”

Nicholson is a decorated Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works as a business consultant, helping companies solve their toughest problems. He is a first-time candidate running in the Republican primary to defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin. He and his wife live in Delafield with their three young children.


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