Kevin Nicholson urges a vote for former GOP rival Leah Vukmir in a new TV ad from a PAC that previously backed his U.S. Senate bid, saying Dem Tammy Baldwin can’t be trusted.

Restoration PAC said the TV ad begins Friday and runs through Oct. 18. The digital version of the spot will run through Election Day.

Nicholson, a business consultant and former Marine, opens the ad saying he went to war “so our kids wouldn’t have to,” but politicians like Baldwin don’t get that “peace through strength stops wars.”

He then says Baldwin backed the Iran deal that sent billions of dollars “to the world’s No. 1 state sponsor of terror” and that isn’t a formula for peace, no “matter what Baldwin says.”

“We can’t trust Tammy Baldwin with our future,” Nicholson says to close the spot. “I’m voting for Leah Vukmir on Nov. 6, and I hope that you will, too.”

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