Mike Browne, Deputy Director
(608) 444-3483

MADISON, Wis. — Senate Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald today announced he will ask the Senate to convene in an extraordinary session after the November general election to consider a $100 million incentive package for the Kimberly Clark corporation, which has, according to state records, paid $1 in net state income tax since 2013.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“This is the definition of corruption. What else would you call Scott Walker and the Republicans using a lame duck session full of potentially un-elected politicians to send $100 million of our tax dollars to a huge corporation that has had all of one single dollar in net state taxes since 2013?

“If Republicans think doling out $100 million to a corporation that’s paid $1 in net state tax since 2013 is a good idea they should have the courage to say so before the election. That way voters will also have a chance to tell them what they think of their latest corporate welfare scheme at the ballot box.”

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