Contact: Larry Abitz

Office of the County Executive

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Cell: (920) 840-4377

APPLETON, WI – Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson issued the following statement today, regarding news of layoffs at Kimberly-Clark’s Fox Cities facility:

“We had hoped our region would be spared, but it looks like the Paper Valley will take another serious hit. Given the recent string of gut punches to papermakers, and given the news of the closure of Harley-Davidson’s Missouri plant, Wisconsinites have to be asking themselves, where is our economic recovery?

“Kind words from concerned elected leaders are appreciated, but tangible support would be better. We’ve been told repeatedly that corporate tax cuts would create jobs. Instead we get job loss after job loss. And our priorities are backwards. If the state can spend $4 Billion on Foxconn, surely we can help our homegrown paper industry.”

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