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Pledges to Bring Fresh, Inclusive Perspective to Office with One Word Campaign Video

KENOSHA, WI – Josh Pade of Kenosha, corporate attorney and political activist, declared his candidacy for Governor of Wisconsin today with the release of a one-word campaign video. Pade who was born and raised in Kenosha, worked and lived throughout Wisconsin before going to Suffolk Law, returned last year to bring fresh, invigorated thinking that he hopes will drive Wisconsin forward.

“Living outside of Wisconsin gave me an opportunity to gain a global perspective that I believe will make me a better leader,” Pade said. “I always knew I would take those learnings back to the place I love with fresh eyes.”

As an announcement of Pade’s campaign, he released a one-word video that features Wisconsin landscape, a marching band playing “On Wisconsin,” and Frank’s Diner, a Kenosha landmark. When the camera pans to Pade he simply says, “Wisconsin,” and a title card appears with “That says it all.”

“I’m often asked what makes Wisconsin great,” Pade said. “And I don’t think it requires much explanation. The people, our beautiful land, and our motto says it — ‘forward’. Wisconsinites strive to always move forward.”

Tired of divisive politics and special interest policies, Pade plans to run an inclusive listening campaign that asks Wisconsin’s residents to share ideas on together built solutions.

“This campaign is not about me,” Pade said. “It is about us. The people of Wisconsin. What can we do together? What we can do together is much more powerful than any proclamations I can make on my own.”

“For far too long Wisconsinites haven’t been able to celebrate the land where we live,” Pade said. “The corruption within our state has resulted in job and education deprivation, unsafe roads and highways, and extreme inequalities. I strive to not be Governor of Democrats, or just Madison, but as a proud leader for all of the magnificent people of Wisconsin and their potential that has not yet realized.”

Over the next few weeks, Pade plans to layout a bold agenda reflective of voices heard throughout the community that will transform Wisconsin’s government and economy. “I’ve heard the people of Wisconsin say they need change. We need high paying jobs. We need better education for our students and fair wages for our teachers. We need better roads, and faster Internet that doesn’t leave us behind,” Pade said. “I hear you, and together we can will move Wisconsin forward.”

Pade returned to the state last year after leaving in 2007 for Suffolk Law School in Massachusetts. Graduating in the aftermath of the financial crisis, he worked on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. fighting to keep families in their homes and protect our economy before taking an opportunity to work in the private sector.

“I’m thrilled to be back and we have no time to waste. There’s a fever pitch for change in Wisconsin, it’s palatable in the air,” Pade said. “Wisconsin deserves the best we can provide, and I will work day-in and day-out to make that happen for these incredible people.”

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