Contact: Austin Kieler, (262) 501-9880

Brookfield, WI — Tom Palzewicz’s congressional campaign in Wisconsin’s 5th District released a new campaign video today, highlighting Jim Sensenbrenner’s 40-year incumbency.

“This video tells a story,” said Austin Kieler, Campaign Coordinator. “It shines a spotlight on the 40 years that Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has been in office and just how out of touch he is from average Wisconsinites. The status quo hasn’t been working, and the voters in the 5th district know it.”

The new video explores challenges to the 40-hour workweek, that 40% of Americans have little retirement savings, and that there are 40 million Americans in poverty, and Sensenbrenner’s attacks on Social Security and Medicare. Palzewicz also discusses his positive agenda for change and his experience in small business and as a Navy veteran.

The Palzewicz campaign will be using this video in conjunction with an extensive digital ad buy to spread the word about Tom’s candidacy and let the residents of the 5th Congressional District know they have a real alternative to 40-year incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner.
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