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I am deeply disappointed in 40-year incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner’s remarks today regarding the President’s pardon authority and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. Jim Sensenbrenner is neglecting his duties as a member of the House Judiciary Committee and is undermining his own party’s historical commitment to the rule of law.

A Republican-controlled Department of Justice said more than 40 years ago that a President cannot pardon himself, and that’s the only sensible reading of the law. To suggest that Robert Mueller should narrow the scope of his investigation or conclude it before the facts have been fully examined is the beginning of a constitutional crisis.

Mueller has already indicted, convicted and/or made plea deals with numerous people, and if he says his investigation is ongoing, it’s ongoing. Sensenbrenner didn’t have a problem with the continuous widening of Ken Starr’s mandate in the Clinton investigation and the many years that inquiry dragged on. In fact, he moved to impeach President Clinton, essentially for lying about an affair. What Donald Trump is potentially guilty of is much worse, so let’s stop with the rushing along of the Special Counsel and let the rule of law come first.

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