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Seeing his comments about residents of Haiti, El Salvador, and various African countries yesterday, I was both astonished at the new low our President has sunk to, and unsurprised at the lack of comment from the incumbent in the 5th District.

All we hold dear in our civic life is under attack, and for what? A tax plan that raises taxes on many in the middle class, and double-taxes thousands of Wisconsin families? Further degradation of our environment and inaction on climate change, threatening our future survival?

Speaking of survival, more saber-rattling — with no evident strategy — with adversaries who have nuclear weapons?

I fully condemn these comments and call on Jim Sensenbrenner to do the same. And I promise when I’m in Congress, to do better and to make us confident and proud in our leadership again.

Tom Palzewicz is a Navy veteran and business owner who is running in southeastern Wisconsin’s 5th District to bring responsible and common-sense solutions to Congress. The general election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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