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The #MeToo movement has been a sobering reminder of the pervasive culture of harassment, inequality, and violence that women face every single day, in all aspects of their lives.

I applaud every woman who has had the tremendous courage to tell their story, and to come out and join the chorus of voices calling for change. I also hope, for all the women who are in positions where they cannot speak out for fear of retaliation or violence, that we heed the call for change.

This toxic culture of oppression is ingrained in every aspect of our society. And it’s not just happening in Hollywood. A recent survey of women in the Milwaukee area by TEMPO Milwaukee found that 68% have faced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Working to remove these systemic barriers will require all of us to put in effort on a daily basis. This will also require our leaders to actively take steps to improve our culture for women — such as policy initiatives to end the gender pay gap once and for all.

Too many men in Congress seem to think they are experts on what is right for women. As a male congressperson I pledge to seek the advice and insight of women on any and all policy that directly affects them because I recognize that my experiences and perspective as a man are different than those of women.

I pledge to continue treating women as my equals, not because of the important women that I admire in my life, but simply because they’re people, and all people deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully.

I’ve gained helpful insight on this issue, thanks to the women in my life. As a business owner, I have encouraged a culture of respect in the workplace so that all of my employees felt safe and welcome regardless of gender.

When it comes to men who continue to allow this culture of violence against women to persist, I think Oprah Winfrey put it best in her acceptance speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes:

“Their time is up.”

Tom Palzewicz is a Navy veteran and business owner who is running in southeastern Wisconsin’s 5th District to bring responsible and common-sense solutions to Congress. The general election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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