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March 28, 2018 

People First Wisconsin Thanks Governor Walker for Signing the Employment First Bill into Law

(MILWAUKEE) – People First Wisconsin is thrilled that Governor Walker signed into law today a bill that will strengthen employment supports for people with disabilities. The employment first law will hold state departments accountable for prioritizing supports that get people with disabilities into community jobs and support them at work.  

“On behalf of People First of Wisconsin, I’m very excited about the Employment First Bill. We thank our Governor for supporting People First members and all the other people who benefit, especially our young people who are our soon to be leaders,” remarks Cindy Bentley, Executive Director of People First.

Bentley says employment is a top priority for people with disabilities, who say they want to work more and contribute in their communities. “People with disabilities are one of the few groups of people who love paying their taxes,” Bentley said. “We know that means that we are working and paying in. I love paying my taxes, because I’m paying back into the system.” If people find meaningful work, people will need less support from other government programs, such as FoodShare, among others.

Members of people first Wisconsin from its 16 chapters throughout the state have worked hard toward passing this bill and participated in today’s bill signing in Madison.

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