Contact: Iris Riis
608-256-7549 x2132

MADISON – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) announced today its endorsement of Judge Rebecca Dallet for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

Statement from Nicole Safar, Executive Director of PPAWI:

“Judge Dallet is the only candidate on the ballot for Wisconsin Supreme Court who can be trusted to uphold the law – and the values of Wisconsinites – when it comes to women’s access to health care. Abortion can be a complicated and emotional issue for many of us, which is why we need more justices who understand the impact on a woman and her family when politicians take away access to health care. Judge Dallet understands that only a woman knows what is best for herself and her family.

“Her opponent, Judge Michael Screnock has proven through his words, his actions and his endorsements from extreme groups that he doesn’t care about the law, especially in matters of women’s health care.

“PPAWI is proud to support Judge Dallet, a strong voice for women and families, who will return balance and integrity to Wisconsin’s increasingly partisan Supreme Court.”

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