Contact: Iris Riis

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin: Statement on Kavanaugh’s confirmation

MADISON – The Senate voted today to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

This vote will tangibly impact Wisconsin for generations to come. The appointment of Kavanaugh tilts the balance of the Supreme Court and threatens a woman’s ability to make her own health care decisions. The president promised to only nominate Justices who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that prohibited states from outlawing abortion. If that happens, abortion will immediately become a crime in Wisconsin. 

Quote from Nicole Safar, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin:

“Leah Vukmir and Scott Walker have been clear. They want to ban all abortion, and with Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, they’re backwards vision has become that much closer to reality. Wisconsin voters can’t let that happen. This is what’s at stake when we vote this November.

“Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a moment of reckoning for our country. For the last two years, women have stood up and fought back over and over again as Donald Trump and Republican leadership attacked our health and rights. Now, they’ve ignored our voices. If the American people could vote on his confirmation, Brett Kavanaugh would be nowhere near the Supreme Court. In the midterms, we can vote. The midterms are our chance to send a clear message to those in power that if you vote against our rights, you’re going to lose your job. Women, young people and people of color have spent the last year powering electoral victories that no one thought possible. On November 6, we’re going to take back Congress.”

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