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MADISON – Statement from Nicole Safar, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI):

“PPAWI is thrilled to congratulate our endorsed candidates Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul and Sarah Godlewski on their victories tonight. These newly elected leaders share our values and believe that no matter your gender, income, immigration status or zip code, no one should go without access to quality and affordable health care.

“This has truly been a historic election, but at Planned Parenthood we know this isn’t about one election; PPAWI is building a movement. Over the last two years, we’ve seen energy and engagement from people across Wisconsin who stand with Planned Parenthood like never before. The results tonight reflect that engagement and send a clear message: we will not stand for the politics of division and othering, we will work together as our Wisconsin community to support access to health care, paid family leave, safe communities and strong schools.

“PPAWI mobilized voters statewide in support of Tammy Baldwin, Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul and Sarah Godlewski. Our volunteers knocked on 45,000 doors in Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine and Oshkosh. Our goal was to meet voters where they are, and for many of us, that means online. PPAWI ran an unprecedented digital program, including a $470,000 statewide digital ad buy in the statewide races and seven targeted legislative seats. Our voter text program sent 60,000 get out the vote messages to Planned Parenthood supporters. In addition, the night before the election 150 PPAWI volunteers texted 65,000 voters in 3 hours.

“As we celebrate these victories, we will continue to mobilize our supporters to hold our elected officials accountable and fight for policies that create a more just Wisconsin for everyone.”

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