Nick Polce

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – March 5, 2018: Joe Walsh, a former U.S. Congressman and host of The Joe Walsh Show, announced his support for Nick Polce, a Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin in the 2018 election. Polce wants 2018 to be the year that our country rediscovers the concept of the citizen statesmen, where an individual is elected to serve, not rule over their citizens. As a businessman, family man, and former Green Beret, he is the positive role model our nation needs.

Joe Walsh served in the 8th Congressional District of Illinois from 2011- 2013. Walsh currently hosts a conservative radio talk show that airs in major cities across the nation including New York City, Phoenix, and Denver. Walsh reaches out to the American citizens through his show, just as he did as a congressman, and engages in respectful debates with every viewpoint.

“America needs more congressmen who listen and engage with the citizens. That is why I started a series of events called Pulse of the People. It focuses solely on the concerns of the American people, something that is commonly ignored by our current political representatives.” -Nick Polce

Meet Nick and have the opportunity to voice your concerns at the next Pulse of The People on March 7 @ 6 PM at Mac’s Pizza Shack in Janesville.

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