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LGBTQ PAC focused on gun reform makes endorsement in United States Senate Race in Wisconsin

March 19, 2018 — Washington, DC Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention – today announced its endorsement of Tammy Baldwin for her re-election to the US Senate. Pride Fund endorsed Tammy for her commitment to fighting for LGBTQ equality and her support of commonsense gun safety reforms.

“Tammy Baldwin made history as the first openly gay US Senator, and she has given a unique voice to the LGBTQ community as a whole,” said Jason Lindsay, Executive Director of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. “Tammy Baldwin has repeatedly proven her commitment to passing sensible gun legislation which is supported by her F-rating from the NRA. Baldwin’s support for comprehensive background checks and preventing those convicted of hate crimes from owning firearms are two gun safety measures that will undoubtedly save lives. Senator Baldwin’s leadership on civil rights issues and her outspoken position on commonsense gun reform proves that she is the kind of leader we need in Congress.”

“I’m proud to have the support of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence as we work together to stop the rising tide of mass shootings, hate crimes and discrimination in America,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. “Washington must listen to the voices of those whose lives have been touched by these horrific tragedies and are calling for action to stop gun violence in America.”

In the Senate, Tammy Baldwin stands up to special interests, and stands up for Wisconsinites. Her unique voice has been powerful for the LGBTQ community, giving a voice to Americans who are underrepresented in our nation’s capital.

With recent student walkouts demanding action from Congress and the monumental March for Our Lives just around the corner, gun reform activists are making their voice heard all across the country. This rising tide of activism will create a driving force behind Baldwin’s campaign, as more and more Americans demand that their politicians stand up to the NRA. Pride Fund looks forward to working with Tammy Baldwin to ensure she is re-elected in 2018 and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with her in the fight to keep Americans safe from preventable gun violence and ensure that LGBTQ rights are protected and advanced in the years to come.

About the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence:

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence (“Pride Fund”) is the only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention. Pride Fund was founded by Jason Lindsay, a gay Iraq War veteran, in the days following the June 2016 mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. When it occurred, the Pulse nightclub shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Pride Fund supports sensible gun policy reforms while championing LGBTQ safety and equality by advocating for legislation and supporting candidates at the state and federal levels.

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