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MADISON – Progressive Takeover congratulates Wisconsin Democrats on their statewide victories in Tuesday’s elections.

“We founded this organization because we firmly believed state races deserve the same attention we give presidential races,” said Katie Miller, Executive Director of Progressive Takeover.

Progressive Takeover’s team knocked the doors of 30,000 voters, made 110,000 phone calls statewide, mailed 260,000 mail pieces, and ran comprehensive digital advertising campaigns targeting voters online. Voters saw these communications over 10 million times. These efforts were instrumental in electing every single statewide Democratic candidate to victory.

“Though we were hoping for more gains in the WIsconsin legislature, we are so thrilled that Governor-elect Tony Evers and his democratic administration will serve as a check on the state legislature’s blatant power grabs,” said Miller. “We are so pleased that our work supporting these candidates helped spur Wisconsin’s statewide democratic ticket to victory.”

Progressive Takeover’s work in SD-01 was part of a $700,000 2018 State Senate Program of field operations, mail pieces, and targeted digital advertising that supported the Democratic candidates of senate districts 01, 05, 09, 17, 19, and 23.

For more information about this announcement, feel free to contact Will Hoverman, who is available for quotes. Other information can be found on Facebook or Twitter.

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