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Grassroots organization widens targets for $700k campaign to flip upper chamber blue

CHICAGO —  This week Progressive Takeover, a grassroots organization focused on state legislatures, announced two new expansion districts for their 2018 Wisconsin turnout program.

“We were thrilled to help Caleb Frostman win his special election in June. We’re confident our campaign will help him keep that seat,” said Katie Miller, Executive Director of Progressive Takeover. “Kyle Whelton is running an inspiring campaign in SD-09;  we are ecstatic to be adding his district as a target.”

SD-01 and SD-09 join SD-05, SD-17, SD-19, and SD-23 on a shortlist of crucial seats Progressive Takeover aims to flip as a result of their innovative voter turnout programs.

A substantial portion of the $700,000 Wisconsin program will fund highly-targeted digital ads across the six State Senate districts.  In addition to digital, Progressive Takeover is also sending 260,000 pieces of mail to voters in the six State Senate districts and has twenty field staffers on the ground in-state.

“Between our robust media campaigns and thorough field program, we are confident that Democrats will take back the State Senate in November,” said Katie Miller, Executive Director of Progressive Takeover.

Progressive Takeover launched its Wisconsin campaign in June and has offices in Green Bay, Madison, and Elm Grove. With a goal of increasing turnout on the left, their field staff bring the latest in data-driven targeting and research-backed tactics directly to the voter’s door.

The organization is also investing in state-level races in North Carolina.

Progressive Takeover was founded to target the most competitive state legislative contests in the country. Specifically, they hope to mobilize voters to end Republican gerrymandering, reverse voter suppression laws, and take back state chambers.

For more information about this announcement, feel free to contact Will Hoverman, who is available for quotes. Other information can be found on our website and on Facebook or Twitter.

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