Contact: Joe Zepecki

WISCONSIN – Between a Presidential visit, Harley at the center of an international trade war, Summerfest and more… you probably missed Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel confirmed that consumer protections which eliminated discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions are on the chopping block in the courts.

The state of Wisconsin – under the direction of Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Schimel – is “leading” the federal suit aimed at dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

Pressed at a Wispolitics luncheon in Madison yesterday about his position on whether health insurance companies should once again be allowed to discriminate against individuals with so-called “pre-existing conditions,” Attorney General Schimel confirmed that striking this consumer protection is central to the suit.

Reporter: “Should the court strike the pre-existing condition part?”

Schimel: “It’s not going to be able to stand.”

“Sometimes, this stuff is pretty straightforward. Republican officeholders are hell bent on sabotaging the Affordable Care Act in every way possible – even though they know that means going back to the days where insurers can, and will, discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions,” said Protect Our Care spokesman Joe Zepecki. “I give Mr. Schimel credit for this much, at least he’s being honest about it.”

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