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Report finds stormwater controls for the Foxconn Development Area will maintain or reduce flood flows

Racine, Wis. – This week, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) released its floodplain evaluation of the Des Plaines River Watershed portion of the Foxconn development (Areas I and II of the Foxconn project area) in the Village of Mount Pleasant. The report found that the proposed stormwater controls for the area, based on existing stormwater ordinances, will effectively protect downstream rivers and land from increased flooding.

“We applaud the work of the Village of Mount Pleasant and Foxconn in developing an effective stormwater control plan that ensures the health of our waterways and protects downstream land,” said Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave.

Through hydrologic modeling, SEWRPC tested the ability of the proposed stormwater facilities to control runoff from the anticipated increased level of development.

The study demonstrated that the stormwater controls will be effective at maintaining or reducing downstream flood flows.

“I want to thank SEWRPC for its diligence in this analysis, and Foxconn for the planning that resulted in these positive findings,” said Delagrave.  “We will continue to work cooperatively with SEWRPC, the Village of Mount Pleasant, and Kenosha County to address stormwater concerns and protect downstream land.”

To view SEWRPC’s report, visit the Racine County website.

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