Contact: Dylan Lange


DE PERE, WI  “Too much time in Madison makes politicians too comfortable with the status quo,” stated Alex Renard, 1st State Senate District Republican candidate. “After so many years in office, they run out of fresh ideas and they often become disconnected from the people and the places they’re elected to represent.”

If elected, Renard will propose an amendment to Wisconsin’s Constitution, which would place term limits on the Governor and on state legislators. “Term limits put state lawmakers on the clock to get things done,” said Renard. “For too long they have been able to get away with making excuses for their lack of progress, rather than producing results.”

Beyond his advocacy for term limits, Renard is calling for pay to be withheld from state lawmakers if the state’s two-year budget is not passed on time. Wisconsin’s biennial budget is the only “must-pass” bill during each two-year legislative session and, by law, it must be approved by July 1 of the odd-numbered year. However, passage of the 2017-2019 state budget was delayed until October 2017.

“In business, deadlines are firm and binding,” said Renard. “At our company, it’s my job to make sure we deliver the product on time and, when that doesn’t happen, there’s a hit to the company’s bottom line. Also,” Renard added, “our team doesn’t get paid until the job has been completed. I don’t think that lawmakers should collect a paycheck if they can’t do the work to pass a state budget on time.”

Last week, Renard promised that if he were elected in the Special Election, he would return his entire 2018 legislative salary back to the State of Wisconsin and not claim any per diem allowances for the year, since the Senate is out of session for the remainder of 2018. His “No Pay, Per Diem” pledge kicked-off his government reform agenda.

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