CONTACT: Dylan Lange

DE PERE, WI – “I believe real reform must start with legislators themselves,” said Alex Renard, Republican candidate for the 1st Senate District seat. “Too many career politicians are speaking out of both sides of their mouth on spending.”

“The State Senate has gone home for the year and I don’t think it’s right to take salary and claim expenses until they reconvene next year,” said Renard.

The Wisconsin State Senate has only been in session four days in 2018 and is not scheduled to return this year. “This is just the first of a series of government reform initiatives that I will unveil throughout the campaign,” Renard said.

State senators currently receive an annual salary of $50,950. They may also claim a per diem allowance of $113 for food and lodging expenses for each day spent in Madison on legislative business. Legislative salaries and per diem allowances are funded exclusively by state taxpayers.

If elected, Renard is pledging to return his entire 2018 legislative salary back to the State of Wisconsin and not claim any per diem allowances for the year. According to Renard, the intent of this pledge is to demonstrate his commitment to reforming the way state government operates.

“When you lead by example, you set a standard for others to follow,” Renard said. “Let me be clear, if elected, I will aggressively serve constituents, use my private sector problem-solving skills, and work with my new colleagues on issues affecting Northeastern Wisconsin.”

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