Contact: Rep. Scott Allen (608) 266-8580

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed legislation supporting responsible wetlands management and conservation efforts today.

Rep. Scott Allen coauthored Assembly Bill 911, which provides $100,000 per year to fund the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission, SEWFRC. SEWFRC is a commission created by statute which is designed to distribute and manage grants for maintenance of the Fox River.

“The Fox River Commission is staffed by volunteers from dozens of communities in southeastern Wisconsin who should not have to make bricks without straw. Funding their work is a state government responsibility.”

The portion of the Fox River being maintained by SEWFRC flows from the northern limits of the City of Waukesha, through the Vernon Marsh, down through the Village of Waterford in Racine.

“The Commission’s efforts have directly led to improved property values, increased tourism, and higher quality of life for the people in Waukesha County. SEWFRC is a good investment for taxpayers.”

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