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Rep. Scott Allen, a coauthor of SB 54, will be supporting the bill in amended form later today. The Wisconsin State Assembly is slated to approve anti-crime legislation geared towards keeping criminals who re-offend off the streets. A late amendment to the bill also adds two Assistant District Attorneys to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s staff.

The bill requires the Department of Corrections to recommend probation revocation if a supervised individual is charged with a new criminal offense. As amended, the bill provides for about 53 new assistant district attorney (ADA) positions throughout 40 Wisconsin counties, including two in Waukesha County. Funding will run through 2021.

“Having a robust criminal justice system is one of the few core functions of government,” said Rep. Allen. “It’s great that this bill adds much needed staff to District Attorney Opper’s office, so she can continue to see that justice is faithfully executed in Waukesha County.”

Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper echoed Rep. Allen’s enthusiasm. “I fully support the proposed amendment to SB 54 to add Assistant District Attorney positions around the state and specifically 2 positions in Waukesha County,” said Opper in a prepared statement. “The Wisconsin Legislature has demonstrated repeatedly a commitment to public safety and ensuring offenders are held accountable…Our citizens deserve the protection of a criminal justice system staffed by experienced prosecutors who are not overwhelmed by enormous caseloads, but have the time and resources to fairly and effectively handle each case.”

If approved, the amended bill would then go to the state Senate for concurrence.

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