Contact: Logan Vidal (608) 266-8570

Madison – Today in conjunction with policy leaders all across the state, Rep. Anderson introduced the Health Insurance Fairness and Affordability Package, designed to improve healthcare access and transparency in Wisconsin. Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“This package of legislation will make health insurance more consumer friendly, drive down healthcare costs, and vastly improve the experiences Wisconsinites have with their doctors, hospitals, and health insurers.”

“One of the central problems in the healthcare industry is the asymmetric information advantage that health insurers and hospitals have over consumers. The variability in pricing, the inability for consumers to know their rights and privileges, the costs of tests and ancillary procedures, and the power of billing and collections agencies make navigation of the healthcare industry onerous for Wisconsinites. Very simple changes could vastly improve the experiences people have with doctors, hospitals, and their insurers.”

“I’m introducing these bills because the path to universal coverage will involve much more than just expanding Medicaid and authorizing the Badgercare buy-in, both of which are important, but not sufficient. Universal coverage will require greater transparency and more cost controls. My commitment to universal healthcare is unwavering. Today we’re embarking on steps to making that a reality.”

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