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Madison – Today, the Regulatory Licensing Reform Committee in the Assembly will vote on AB 547, a bill that endangers our wildlife especially for our sportsmen and fishermen, the quality of our water, and will worsen flooding throughout Wisconsin. Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“Wisconsin is home to one of the world’s largest series of isolated wetlands. They are beautiful, they are the breeding grounds for wildlife, and they’re an amazing source of hunting, fishing and tourism for our state. AB 547 endangers these wetlands, infringes upon the rights of sportsmen and fishermen, and will exacerbate flooding throughout Wisconsin.

“We used to be a leader in conservation, but our legislature is more focused on saving developers compliance costs than they are protecting our air and water. Massive flooding, polluted air, empty lakes, and acid mining are all worth it if it helps those at the top squeeze a little bit more profit out of Wisconsin. Once we lose these natural resources, it will be near impossible to bring them back. Let us not do irreparable harm to our beautiful state. The vote is no on AB 547.”

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