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MADISON – State Representative Jimmy Anderson released the following statement in response to the announcement that Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-01) will not seek reelection.

“Today is a huge victory for healthcare. With complete control of Congress and the Presidency, Speaker Paul Ryan and his party could have addressed any number of issues: Wages, student loan debt, infrastructure, housing, child care, immigration and more were all on the table. Instead, Speaker Ryan immediately got to work taking healthcare away from 30 million people. This was his goal. He’s been dreaming since college to gut Medicaid and take away healthcare from working families.”

Rep. Anderson added “Paul Ryan has spent his nearly 20 years in Washington as Corrupt Robin Hood, stealing from working people to further enrich those at the top. Ryan’s departure is a massive win for those fighting for universal healthcare, but it’s a reminder that we have to keep fighting for what we believe in every single day. Progressives need to fight as tirelessly on behalf of working people as Speaker Ryan did trying to destroy them.”

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