Contact: Representative Tyler August 608-266-1190

MADISON…Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) announced that the State Assembly passed a package of bills aimed at reforming Wisconsin’s welfare system. The legislation was approved in a Special Session of the Assembly called by Governor Scott Walker on welfare reform.

“I thank Governor Walker for his leadership in calling the Special Session of the Legislature to address welfare reform,” said August. “I was proud to support these reforms, which will help to get people off of government assistance and into the workforce.”

August explained the welfare-to-work reforms were aimed at improving the current system in four key ways: getting people off of government assistance and back into the workforce, preventing fraud and abuse, promoting accountability, and encouraging personal responsibility.

“These reforms build upon previous actions that we’ve taken like the implementation of a work requirement to receive welfare,” said August. “Since the work requirement was implemented, over 25,000 have transitioned from welfare to work.”

The package of bills improves on former Governor Tommy Thompson’s Wisconsin Works (W-2) program, which is regarded by many as a national model. It will incentivize work and make Wisconsin a leader once again in welfare-to-work programs.

“Public assistance should be temporary help and not a permanent program for those who are able-bodied,” said August. “With over 90,000 job listings on the Job Center of Wisconsin, it is clear there are jobs available to connect to those who need work.”

August supported all of ten bills in the legislative package. The bills now go to the State Senate for consideration before they are sent to Governor Walker for his signature.

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