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La Crosse legislator supports expanding mental health services, gun safety

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly is taking up a Republican package of school safety bills that were quickly pushed through the legislature during the last week. These bills are facing criticism from Democrats for not going far enough to address safety in Wisconsin schools.

“I have listened to our kids, teachers and school administrators, and I know they are doing their jobs when it comes to protecting students. Now we need to do ours,” Rep. Billings said. “At a time when students and teachers need us to be bold, the Republicans’ bill package is anemic.”

“The Democrats’ plan is more comprehensive and goes further by adding counselors and expanding mental health services in our schools,” Rep. Billings said. “The Democrats’ plan also addresses the elephant in the room: guns. This proposal does more to prevent guns from landing in the wrong hands by instituting universal background checks and 48-hour waiting periods on handgun purchases, as well as banning bump stocks.”

Rep. Billings and Sen. Jennifer Shilling will be speaking at the March for Our Lives gun safety rally at Cameron Park on Saturday.

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