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Growing number sees the giveaway as costing more than it’s worth

MILWAUKEE – A new Marquette Law School poll released today shows Wisconsinites believe the $4.5 billion taxpayer giveaway to Foxconn will cost more than it is worth. The poll results showed 48 percent of registered voters think the cost will outweigh the returns, while 39 percent think we’ll recoup the expense. This significant gap has widened since the most recent polling. In their August poll, MU Law found that 44 percent saw the costs as higher than the potential return, with 41 seeing the giveaway as worth it. Additionally, 54 percent of respondents say their local businesses will not benefit from the project.

“Despite several months of the governor attempting to sell Wisconsinites on his awful deal with Foxconn, the people of our state aren’t fooled,” said Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee). “The fact is, the more Wisconsinites learn about the governor and Republicans’ bush league negotiating skills that signed away $4.5 billion of taxpayer dollars to a foreign corporation, the less they like it.”

A major part of the giveaway was the loosening of most environmental safeguards to convince Foxconn to locate in Wisconsin. Notably, today’s poll shows that when asked if the priority should be the environment or economic growth if it means the other is compromised, an overwhelming 59-27 majority said we should prioritize the environment.

“Today’s poll shows Republicans and Governor Walker are out of touch with the priorities of Wisconsinites,” said Bowen. “Wisconsinites know we can make smart investments in small businesses and entrepreneurs, sustaining strong economic growth while protecting the unique natural features that make Wisconsin a great place to live.”

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