Contact: Rep. David Bowen
(608) 266-7671

MILWAUKEE – Today, Governor Scott Walker announced his plans to sell state offices in Milwaukee to a private developer and build a new state building in the Milwaukee area. The current state office, located at 819 North 6th Street in downtown Milwaukee, was built in in 1963 and houses multiple state offices and the Governor’s office. State Representative David Bowen (D-10) attended the announcement and released the following statement:

“While the Milwaukee State office is aging and needs to be replaced, I’d like to take Walker’s plan for a new facility a step further. In order to ensure that even more taxpayer dollars are saved, I call on Milwaukee County to submit a proposal within the RFP 30 day time period to replace our current state building with one that houses both the state and county offices together in order to save taxpayers more money. The County Safety Building serves important functions and has long been in the category of severely needed replacement.”

“Before my time in the legislature, I served on the county board and am aware of the challenges of budget constraints and Capital improvement challenges at the county level. Placing the county and state in the same new & energy efficient building will help alleviate some of those constraints savings millions that can be invested in other needs.”

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