Contact: Rep. David Bowen, (608) 266-7671

MILWAUKEE – Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement upon the release of bodycam footage of Milwaukee police tackling and tasing Sterling Brown:

“On the same day NFL owners barred players from protesting police violence, police violence against a black NBA player provided all the more reason to demand change.

“While it may have taken police violence against a high profile victim to once again raise public awareness, these unnecessarily escalated situations have become commonplace and officers continue to face little or no consequences.

“This footage is disturbing on many levels. The ‘I own this’ and ‘I get to do what I want’ claims of the officer expose an above the law element in the police department that shows exactly why community-police relations are still struggling and it must be eradicated.

“It was reported today that the officer who initially confronted Sterling Brown was suspended for two days. That is not sufficient corrective action to make long term changes to ensure the public is safe and that especially people of color can be treated with dignity and respect.

“If officers who lack integrity continue being allowed to fail the people they are sworn to serve and protect, it is time for coordinated state and local legislative action to enforce best practices to end police violence.”

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