Rep. Ed Brooks

Madison, WI – Today, Governor Scott Walker gave his annual State of the State Address. In it, the Governor focused on investment in education, workforce development, access to healthcare, and welfare reform. The State of the State also highlighted tax reductions and credits that have benefited hardworking families across the state. Finally, he addressed issues unique to rural areas.

It was encouraging to hear about the positive affects reforms have been having across the state and exciting to learn about the ambitious agenda the Governor proposed in his address. More actual dollars have been put into K-12 education than ever before. Today, unemployment rate is down to a historic low of 3.0 percent – the last time it was that low was in 1999! When it comes to healthcare, costs seem to be spinning out of control and there is a lot of uncertainty which the Governor hopes to mitigate by his proposed Health Care Stability Plan. With many people working and many more jobs going unfilled, every able bodied person needs to be contributing to the economy and the Governor has proposed a series of legislation to move people from welfare to the workforce. For the first time since 1931, property owners across the state saw a 100% reduction in the state portion of their property tax. And, parents will receive an additional $100 tax credit for every child living with them under age 18. Things certainly are moving in a bold direction in Wisconsin.

As a legislator that represents rural Wisconsin, it was impressive to hear about the Rural Economic Development Fund proposed by the Governor. The intent of the fund is to help develop and expand small businesses in rural areas, along with providing training for people to fill the positions created by rural employers.

“I’m pleased with the actions Governor Walker is proposing for moving Wisconsin forward. It aligns nicely with the goals of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative, a movement I have been championing for the residents of the Fiftieth District,” Rep Brooks said.

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