Rep. David Crowley

MADISON – The following is a statement from the Wisconsin Black and Latino Caucus regarding a recent Right Wisconsin article that includes appalling and offensive comments about Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) students.

“When it comes to our children, we should all agree that racist, dehumanizing language has no place in our schools, in our communities, or in our state. As state legislators who represent many of the 77,000 MPS students and their families, we were appalled to see a recent article refer to kids at MPS as ‘little convicts.’

“Our kids deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The comments made in the Right Wisconsin article were blatantly offensive and made out of pure ignorance. We must choose a Wisconsin that supports our children and their families, rather than one where ignorant and hateful language is acceptable.

“MPS students from the Class of 2018 received over $86,247,467 in scholarships, and the district is home to seven of the state and nation’s top high schools, according to U.S. News and World Report and the Washington Post. As a community, we should be focusing on ways to provide Wisconsin children with opportunities for success if we want to see a strong and prosperous future for our state.

“When efforts are spent on dividing our communities rather than building up our state, we all lose.”

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