For Immediate Release

December 3, 2018

Contact: Rep. David Crowley 608.266.5580, 920.915.0479

MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) made the following statement in response to Wisconsin Republicans special, lame-duck session to subvert the will of the voters with the expressed goal of maintaining and expanding their chokehold on political power.

“On November 6, Wisconsin voters made their voices heard loud and clear: they wanted an end to the regressive policies and corporate giveaways put in place by their Republican government. Now, it seems the Republicans are doing whatever they can to undermine those voices.

“Governor-elect Evers was duly chosen by the people of Wisconsin to represent them, with the understanding that his powers would be the same as the outgoing governor. It is curious that Republicans had no problem with the powers of the Office of the Governor as long as a Republican was in it. Don’t buy the GOP lip service about wanting to ensure they’re “at the table negotiating” – they still control (by virtue of a horribly gerrymandered map) both chambers of the legislature. Call this what it is: a desperate grab by sore losers to cling to power despite an electorate that increasingly rejects their agenda.

“This election was a clear announcement that the time to stop these sort of partisan stunts has come. I urge my Republican colleagues to respect the will of the people of Wisconsin, and allow Governor-elect Evers to go into his term with the same powers and freedoms that were afforded to his predecessor. We have all been elected by the will of the people and the people deserve representatives more concerned with the future of our state than the future of their own political ambitions.”

Representative Crowley invites constituents to contact his office at (608) 266-5580 or by email at [email protected]

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