Rep. David Crowley

MILWAUKEE, WI –Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to Governor Walker’s State of the State Address:

“It is becoming a moment of desperation for Governor Scott Walker. Today in the Governor’s State of the State Address, he announced a new plan to give a $100 per-child tax credit to be paid out to Wisconsin families, even if the parent has no state income tax liability. This tax credit, which in 2018 will be paid out separately from Wisconsin tax returns, is hoped to create some good will with the voters before they take to the polls this November.

“This is not the first time that Governor Walker has recently attempted to purchase his third term. Thanks to the Governor, Wisconsin taxpayers are currently on the hook for $4.5 billion to a foreign company to show that he can bring manufacturing jobs to our state.

“What Governor Walker forgets is that Wisconsin still is the worst place in America to raise an African American child. He forgets that Wisconsin still incarcerates more African American men that any other state in the nation and he also forgets that Wisconsin has some of the worst roads in the nation. Also, while this budget may constitute the largest dollar increase in public education, it still has not made up for the cuts that his administration has made over his tenure as Governor. He may have forgotten but Wisconsin residents have not.

“Wisconsin deserves better from our Governor.”

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