Contact: Rep. David Crowley, 608.266.5580; 920.915.0479

MILWAUKEE, WI – Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to Governor Walker’s half-hearted school safety special session agenda:

“Background checks are the single most effective way to save lives and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Yet today, when Governor Walker called for a special session on school safety, not one bill being proposed would close the loopholes in our current background check system. This is deeply troubling when you consider that an estimated 40 percent of gun transactions legally occur with no background check.

“If the governor were truly serious about keeping our children safe, expanding background checks is the most impactful step that can be taken. Background checks save lives. Background checks save children’s lives. According to the Children’s Defense Fund, every 30 minutes a child or teen is shot in America. They are shot with guns and the governor’s refusal to close the dangerous loopholes in our current system, means some of those children will be shot by guns that should have never been sold.

“To talk about school safety but not talk about guns, is like talking about the Green Bay Packers without talking about football. Governor Walker, we see what you are trying to sell and we are not buying it.”

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